Katie + Alec || Marin Engagement

beers in trees?

Yes Please!

I had a wonderful time photographing Katie and Alec.  This beautiful location was a short walk from Alec's childhood home.  He and Katie had one of their first dates at this huge tree, just talking and getting to know each other.  After so many years, Alec knew his way around the branches, moving among them like a confident tightrope walker.  They grabbed some beers and snuggled up on a branch.

Katie has a bold personality and contagious laughter, and Alec has a relaxing energy and dry humor.  They both have magical, striking blue eyes.  Their love is strong, and I am so excited to photograph their wedding in October!

katie and alec 1.jpg
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The Pantuso Family || San Mateo Central Park

This family was totally rad.

They have been getting family portraits for 18 years with the same outfit - the white shirt and jeans #imissthe90s.  They were looking for a new photographer and BOOYAH they picked me.  They changed into different outfits halfway through - I seriously thought they were Lands End models - and we were able to have some fun transitioning into a new style of family portraits. 
Honest.  Bold.  Delightful.

pantuso family 1.jpg

btw that was the chillest dog in the world.


pantuso family 2.jpg
pantuso family 3.jpg
pantuso family 4.jpg

When the brothers changed from their white shirts to their flannels, I was like

oh my god this is my job.

pantuso family 5.jpg
pantuso family 6.jpg
pantuso family 7.jpg
pantuso family 8.jpg
pantuso family 9.jpg

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Geissinger Family Session || San Mateo Central Park

I had such a lovely time photographing the Geissinger family!

Photographing multiple generations is my JAM, and being able to capture a family as they are in this moment in time is one of the great privileges of being a photographer.  Getting family members in front of the camera allows the true silliness, wisdom, and love to be captured.

melissa family 1.jpg
melissa family 2.jpg
melissa family 3.jpg
melissa family 4.jpg
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