Tina | Photographer Portrait Session

When I first met tina, I was serving her coffee.

I was going to college in Sacramento and working part time at a coffee shop.  I saw Tina and knew I wanted to be just like her.  Fabulous and classy, arm covered in tattoos, Tina would chat with me chat about our shared interest in photography and big life goals.  And look at us now!  Five-ish years later she reached out to me to take her portraits as her business grows in the Sacramento area.  She specializes in family sessions, maternity, and DOG PORTRAITS.  Yep that's right: DOGT PORTRAITS.  Check her out!

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Lauren | Digital Marketing Boss Babe

Lauren is for sure going to change the world.

She's a digital marketing boss babe and an absolute delight of a woman.  Her energy is contagious, and the echoes of her laughter cause Men's Right's Activists to shake in their boots.  I am honored to have been able to capture her essence as she leaps into the exciting void of starting her own business and inspiring other boss babes.

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Eloisa + Tonatiuh | Jack London Square Engagement

I'm very thankful for the amount of clients I get through word of mouth from friends and family.  Eloisa and Tonatiuh were sent to me by another photographer.  It's always a thrill to connect with strangers for the first time, and this engagement session was a perfect test-drive for their wedding that would be only a few weeks later.

I was glad that we all connected really well, and by the end of the session I had a fan-girl crush on their delightful relationship.  They had so much sexy love, and bursts of laughter, that working with them felt more like hanging out with friends.

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