Lindsey + Cole || UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens Engagement

Ohhhh how much love can I give this amazing couple?

Lovers of culture, history, obscure animal species, mushroom foraging, hiking, fine cuisine.... I could go on!

According to Lindsey, she and Cole first connected through an online dating site in 2013 (yessir online dating works!) and he caught her eye when he sent her this message:

"Hey Lindsey, hope you're having a beautiful morning. Some animal trivia for the workday. Male anglerfish exist only to find a female to attach to, fuse into, and then atrophy into a sperm bag to be used at the female's convenience. Lovely!"

I have to say, I spent a few years trying online dating and I received some pretty weird messages, but nothing that unique.  In that moment, Lindsey said she was so surprised by his hilarious tone and quirky fact that she thought to herself "I think this might be the guy."

I chose the UC Berkeley Botanical Gardens  because I knew that Lindsey and Cole feel the most comfortable in the beauty of the outdoors.  The gorgeous sun floated through the trees at the Redwood Grove as the two of them laughed and snuggled together.

Lindsey and Cole got engaged in the fall of 2016 at Cole's family's cabin in the mountains.  Lindsey reveals that it was far from flashy, but very much perfect.  The two of them were cooking breakfast together, singing and dancing in the kitchen, when Cole revealed to her a 110 year-old antique engagement ring.  They then took an insane hike around Snake Lake and effortlessly began to plan the rest of their lives together.

Right before sunset hit the horizon, we adventured to a lookout on Grizzly Peak.  It's one of my favorite spots because the light is so warm, and the location is so sublime.

Lindsey and Cole, my darling weirdos, you are such a unique couple and I cannot wait to celebrate this joy with you.