The Headshot Mini Session Experience

I want to talk about my headshot mini session experience.

I've been involved in theatre for over a decade.  I started off in youth theatre training summer programs, which you could hardly call "drama camp".  It was an intensive experience.  It was work.  As far as I'm concerned, I didn't have a summer vacation from ages 10-20.  Then I started performing in local community theatre, and then I ran off to college to get my BA in Photography.  Then I went to a physical theatre intensive in the middle of the woods the summer after college in 2014 (again, always work), and this recent April I walked across the stage in high heels and dressed as a bee to receive my diploma from the San Francisco Clown Conservatory.
I am now capable of literally and metaphorically juggling many skills.

Over the years while studying photography, theatrical headshots have been my go-to as a connection with the theatre world.  My training in theatre aids in my photography business, because I've spent so many years building characters that I always appreciate a good character when I see one.  And the best part of being a photographer?  Everyone is a character, and it is my job to capture their character.

The headshot mini sessions gave me the chance to work with SEVEN very different people in a very short amount of time.  Thanks to basic improvisation and clowning skills, I am able to quickly connect with each new person, and capture their character through my lens.  I work personally with every client and announce my favorite parts of their faces and personalities.  We then work together to emphasize the favorite parts.

Overall the day was AMAZING and such a thrill to meet so many amazing local performers.

The characters:

She had an amazing stare when we first began.  Her whole face tells a story that contains this beautiful strength and peace.
Then she started to warm up and her natural smile was absolutely stunning.

She had such a bold and bright smile!

He brought in this pink shirt that absolutely popped with color, and then he switched to grey and became a different character.  


Can you even handle the confident sass?  Her pixie cut, those amazing blue eyes, and that half-smile is absolutely perfect.


The most buoyant and fun woman, paired with a much more serious character to showcase her dynamic range.


And speaking of range, she is easily one of the funniest women I know.  And LOOK AT THAT STARE.



Dynamic headshots are important to make sure you stand out from the crowd.


Headshot sessions are $300 for 45 minutes!
Let's have some fun!



I would be a fool to forget to give a shot out to my awesome husband, who was my test subject in the early morning, and my reflector-holder throughout the day.