Annie || Career Coach Extraordinaire

Here's the thing about Annie:  She's AMAZING.

I've spent many years devouring self-help books, sitting in therapy, and finding my way as an artist and a business owner. Out of the blue, Annie walked into my life and after only three phone calls, I was forever changed.

Working with Annie's coaching feels like having coffee with an old friend who knows you better than you know yourself. She'd pause my wild, stressed out ranting with gems of wisdom. She knew exactly how to communicate with me so that I would have realizations of my own. She is attentive, warm, and incredibly intelligent. She took me and my dreams seriously, and assigned homework that had clear goals and exercises to mold my self-awareness.

Because of her I am clear on my values, I am able to believe in myself, and I still feel the desire to have fun even if I'm stressed by a workload. She's made being an entrepreneur fun again.

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Need a career boost?  A life boost?
You deserve to have clarity.  You deserve happiness.  You deserve Annie.

Find Annie at her website here.

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