Associate Wedding! Chris + Corina || Anvil Vineyard and Ranch

I am SO lucky to have photographed this gorgeous wedding as an associate for Kreate Photography.

Chris and Corina's wedding was at the beautiful and remote Anvil Vineyard and Ranch.  From the start, the day had a beautiful chill vibe.  Chris took me on a tour of the venue in relaxed shorts and flip flops, as friends of the couple hung out on the property getting ready for the day.  Corina and her bridesmaids were in the remodeled horse stables, where the girls were designing their own bouquets for that special unique touch.

The day went on full of laughter and happy tears.  The party was amazing, and I left right as the crowd was huddled and screaming along to "Sweet Caroline".  Is there really a better song to drunkenly bring friends and family together in a sweaty dance party?  I don't think so.

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