Katie + Josh || In-Home Maternity

of course we're going to stop the ice cream truck.

I've known Katie for most of my life.  I've been good friends with her younger brother since he and I were in the first grade.  I've always looked up to her for her off-the-grid fashion sense, her whimsical tattoo choices, and her calming spirituality.  We lost touch around the time most people do: when Life Happens.  To be reunited with her before the birth of her son was so incredibly wonderful.  We talked for almost two hours before I even started photographing, catching up on all the adventures we've experienced.  Her husband, Josh, was the perfect chill presence amongst our wild lady giggles.

The two of them together are so freakin' cute.  His dry humor makes her nose wrinkle with laughter and her bold spirit makes him look at her with kind, loving eyes.  They are going to be amazing, and totally cool parents.

katie + josh 1.jpg
katie + josh 2.jpg
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When we heard the ice cream truck down the street, we bolted outside. 
Katie yelled "GET MY PURSE, JOSH" and he ran to join her, ready for treats.

katie + josh 8.jpg
katie + josh 9.jpg
katie + josh 10.jpg
katie + josh 11.jpg

Now I'm spoiled.  I want every couples' session to include ice cream.

katie + josh 12.jpg
katie + josh 13.jpg

Baby James was born on May 23rd, 2018!

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