Caety + Alec || Berkeley Engagement Session

berkeley-engagement-session 1.jpg

I am a really lucky gal. I’ve been fortunate enough to photograph a lot people I know, which allows for us to build on an already strong foundation of trust and fun. I’ve done theatre with Caety, and we have a handful of incredible mutual friends. It was a no-brainer when she reached out to me to photograph her wedding: the trust is there, which allows for incredible ease, and makes my job super fun and easy.
Caety and Alec are absolutely lovely together. I always love when couples start their sessions by saying “oh we are super awkward in front of the camera!”. To those couples, I say to you: SHUT UP YOU’RE PERFECT. These two were anything but awkward because they look so natural and comfortable together. Their love is irresistible.

berkeley-engagement-session 2.jpg

We actually did a lot of the session on the rooftop of their apartment complex in Berkeley. It was a perfect foggy Bay Area day, so the light was cozy. I love finding unique locations for each couple so that they are comfortable. And comfortable they were. Within minutes I could sense that Alec is a solid partner for Caety - the two of them frequently play D&D in their apartment and share other nerdy interests, and Alec is just a chill dude. I can see how much he really loves her. I love that part of my job that captures the magic of love.

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We took a walk through the residential streets and Caety showed me an adorable public garden that she had recently stumbled across. It was the perfect place for intimate moments amongst the trees.

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I am so excited for their Berkeley Botanical Garden wedding in the fall! Their vibes fit the coziness of fall so well.