Katie + Josh + James || Bay Area Studio Family Session

bay-area-family-session 4.jpg

This was my first family session at Creative Space Studios in Dublin, and I absolutely LOVED creating a pseudo living room space with the couch and plant. It is such a cozy space and the clean environment is a perfect backdrop for family sessions. I especially loved unraveling the bold yellow backdrop for some colorful images too.

You may recognize the beautiful faces of Josh and Katie from their in-home maternity session. I’ve known Katie since we were young. Her younger brother has been one of my dearest friends since the second grade, so Katie was always around at Halloweens, slumber parties, and school events. Being four years older than me, I always looked up to her as an older sister figure. She always had charm and a cute fashion sense, and was always making bold life choices that we’d chat about over coffee as we grew up. There are several years where we were out of touch, here and there, but now that she and I are both adults living in the Bay Area, we are staying more connected, and I couldn’t be happier.

Seeing her as a mom is incredible. She’s still that cute and confident girl, but now she’s got eyes on the back of her head to always catch little James as he explores the world. She sees motherhood as it is: hard as hell but so freakin fun.

Of course I must mention Josh. Josh is the dry-humor quirky husband who is the solid rock of the foundation of this relationship. Josh is chill as hell and one of the coolest looking dads I’ve ever seen. If Katie is the spark that ignites the flame, Josh is the heat that keeps you warm.

bay-area-family-session 1.jpg
bay-area-family-session 2.jpg

And we gotta talk about little James! He has the face of a Pixar character (Jack Jack from The Incredibles???) and a buoyant energy that kept all of us on our toes. He’s currently very into sticking his hand in his mouth, not standing when he doesn’t feel like it, and crawling very fast to literally anywhere else. He cries on a dime, which is totally ok and delightful. I love watching the way he sees the world through his bright blue eyes.

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After this moment above is where the whole session stopped in its tracks. I turned my camera around to show Katie the magic moment I had just captured, and we both started crying. It was the moment for me that I saw her for the amazing mother that she is, and it seemed as if that same reality dawned on her again. I had to run to the bathroom to fix my makeup and we laugh-cried more about how old we are now and how amazing life is. Totally normal for a photoshoot with me.

bay-area-family-session 9.jpg
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His hand is too busy exploring his mouth to smile or wave, but James was definitely happy to say goodbye, since he could go back to drooling and crawling.

The perfect adventurer!