Teagan + Luke || Rainy Day + Lime Ridge Engagement Session

lime-ridge-open-space-engagement-session 1.jpg

Don’t let their 1960s folk duo vibe fool you. Teagan and Luke aren’t time travelers. They’re just two modern kids in love. Only few years out of high school but “when you know you know” because they have the ideal high school sweetheart story. She was that perfect girl, he can always make her laugh - where is their movie deal already?! Because of their history beginning in those hallways, we did their engagement session at their old high school to really capture that young love vibe.
Luckily for us it was a sexy rainy day - yes I said sexy - and they ran from hall to hall capturing memories and stealing kisses. Finally they gave up and just kissed in the rain. Look out Ryan Gosling! Luke is coming for you.

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Even though I’m a sucker for some rainy day snuggles, I’m also a sucker for amazing light sans clouds, so we did another quick session on a sunny day a couple weeks later. WORTH IT.
Even though I’ve lived in the Bay Area basically all my life, Teagan and Luke introduced me to this area of Lime Ridge Open Space that I didn’t know existed. And honestly, if you asked me to find it again I may not be able to do it. I did get lost twice trying to find it. There’s the gorgeous California hills overlooking the East Bay, but a unique part of this spot was the huge quarry-sized bite taken out of the side of a hill that created these incredible rocky cliffs. Did we get transported to a location for Game of Thrones? Nope, just these rad California hills.

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I am so freakin excited to see these two again for their intimate backyard wedding this fall. I know Teagan will be as beautiful as ever, and we can all hope Luke is still giving us those Jack Pearson vibes.