Zach + Jess || Bay Area Studio Couples Session

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Did you know that there are no rules for couples sessions?
They can happen whenever you want them.
So if the last time you had nice photographs of you and your partner was at your wedding,
I think it’s time to schedule a couples session!

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These two chill goofballs have been friends with me and my husband for a couple of years. Actually, now that I think about it, they may have been our first adult couple that we befriended as an adult couple. We even invited them last-minute to our wedding because we knew they would be important in our lives.
Zach is a hipster science techie - we like to bond over bands that each other has never heard of. He laughs at science memes that don’t make sense, and he and my husband often go on man dates to taste fancy beers.
Jess is a witty, dry-humored intellectual who has a soft spot for her two cats. She always surprises me with her interests (like her collection of yogurt lids and her obsession with a pirate-themed pizza restaurant), and we bond over our inability to do most things in aerial classes at Athletic Playground. She’s also a Harvard grad so she’s wicked smaht.
I’ve really enjoyed maintaining a friendship with these two. We all have vastly different personalities and interests, but we magically get along as if we’ve known each other for a lifetime.

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Photographing their relationship was such a delight. Zach is usually the jokester with Jess being straight-faced (with an occasional sassy eyeroll), but I enjoyed how Jess became incredibly giggly while Zach kept the punchlines coming. He still seemed unaware of what he was doing, but that’s all part of his country-boy charm. Oh, did I mention they’re both from Iowa? It makes them all the more interesting to have friends from such far off lands!
They just bought a house in Oakland, as they love California and plan to be here for a loooong time. I’m glad, because I don’t know what my life would look like without them. Probably a lot less chill, with a lot fewer cat interactions, and I never would have had Puppy Chow (a midwestern delicacy!).

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Interested in a having couples session just because?
let’s doooo iiiiiit!