Damaschino Family || Danville Family Session

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I absolutely love this family. Ann and her husband Doug have four children, and nine grandchildren. Ann contacted me a few years ago to do a family session with the disclaimer “We’re loud and we’re looking for a photographer who can handle us.” I’m pretty spunky myself so I was up to the challenge. Well, this is the second year I’ve worked with them, now, and I love every minute of herding these loud weirdos. The families live in various places around the country, and come back to Danville to see Ann and Doug at big holidays or milestone birthdays. And when they’re all in one place together, they are both brash and hilarious, and snarky and loving. It’s easy to capture this crowd with so much joy because they’re always laughing and goofing around.

In addition to the large group photo that Ann will hang in her home, I also include family photos for the small groupings. Ann and Doug have four children, and those four adult children have their own families. I love offering these smaller groupings so that everyone gets their own family portrait to hang in their home. Plus, seeing the difference between the four siblings’ families is so delightful!

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Along with the Christmas season, Ann had just turned 80, so the family reunited for this session. In her home she has large framed family photos throughout the years. It’s incredible to see how people grow and change. Getting photos of the grandchildren with Ann and Doug is so important as everyone ages and changes.
I love that Ann and Doug are still fun and active, and that their children and grandchildren have such a great connection. I’m so glad that I’m able to document these simple moments that will be cherished for years to come.

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After the grandkids had their fun, I tried to see if the siblings could have the same kind of fun! I think it was a success.

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Booking a family session is easy! I have plenty of package options, as well as offer so many little goodies with large groups like this.