Lauren || Berkeley Portrait Session with Canine Companion

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I am a strong believer that having a family does not mean you have to have children. Lauren is an incredible Bay Area artist and when I offered family mini sessions she sheepishly asked if she could have a portrait session with her dog. I, of course, said yes because I’m not a monster and I love dogs possibly more than my own husband. Lauren and her dog Tripp have an amazing bond that involves Tripp chillin’ on her shoulders and being held like a baby and avoiding kisses. Lauren even has a tattoo of Tripp chasing a squirrel on her thigh. If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

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Inspired by the New year, Lauren posted this on her Instagram
But 2018 was the most difficult for me physically and mentally. But I learned a lot as well. I’m going to be kinder to myself and take care more. Thankfully I have these amazing photos from Molly Kate Photography to remind myself, even though I look at them and remember the struggle I was having at this time, I still see someone who is worthy, who is beautiful no matter the hardship, who doesn’t need to compete with herself, who shouldn’t hate how she looks as she’s gotten older. And I’m going to work hard this year to treat myself how I deserve and how everyone deserves to be treated. Here’s to a kinder year.”
I wish for everyone to be able to see themselves in a new light during and after a session with me. I bring laughter, comfort, and expertise with a chill vibe. I spend most of the time screaming about how amazing you look and showing you the back of my camera when I get really excited. Seeing yourself in the mirror everyday isn’t enough: see yourself how I see you. I understand how long-term physical ailments can affect our abilities, then our self confidence, then our self love. Even though pain in any aspect may be an everyday part of your life, you deserve to take time to give yourself some love. And I think that a portrait session is perfect for that.

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you + me = lifestyle portraits
(and totally bring your dog!)