Montiero Family || Tilden Park Family Session

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There are so many different kinds of families, and that requires a variety of styles of family photography. I offer posed groupings, as well as lifestyle interactions. The posed group shot is good for the holiday card or the framed picture above the mantle, but I believe that the lifestyle images are where the yummy stuff really is. And by yummy stuff, I mean the moments captured of the little ones who won’t be little forever. My goal is that these images of your family bring back memories of the way your children laughed, or cried. Speaking of crying, I do not mind at all if a kid is fussy for a family portrait session. In fact, I adore it. This is a part of your life with kids, why hide it? Kids can be total jerks sometimes, but you as the parents know that these moments are all important, even if they involve loud tears. Perhaps these rough moments I capture bring a sense of peace to you later: look, you did it. You made it through!
That’s why I loved this session with these wild boys. I’ve seen this family go from one to three boys in a very short time, and I’ve loved watching how they all have their own characters. The oldest is goofy and vibrant, the middle is silly and will laugh at the same thing over and over, and the youngest is the quiet watcher. I can’t wait to see who they become!
And because they grow so fast, portraits like these are a necessity. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but you can’t get this good shit with an iPhone. That’s why I love offering mini sessions, too. Everyone deserves professional photographs of their family. It’s a quick moment in a long day as parents where you get to look good, play with your kids, and get the heck out. I go with the flow of the kids, and I love where that river takes me. Sometimes they’re chill and I can get some solemn portraits (the faces of babies have so much wisdom! What do they know that we don’t?!) and sometimes they’re wild like these guys and I capture that wildness that is real and deserves to be cherished.

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You know what else deserves to be cherished? Pictures of the parents! Alone! For like a second! You know you need it. You know you haven’t stared at each other or had a quiet hug to yourself in like three days. Let me be the one to give you that moment to tightly hold the hand of your partner.

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But soon, of course, I let the kids run back.
By this point in the session, however long, they’ve been used to me on the other side of the camera so they don’t show off as much.
Now you can be a family, beautiful as you are, and I’m here to capture it.

It doesn’t have to be the fall for you to have a family session!
Booking all year, with some spontaneous mini session dates.


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