Annie || San Francisco Life Coach

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Annie is one of my favorite clients and humans. We’ve been supporting each other for the last few years - I photograph whatever she needs at the time, and she provides incredible coaching for me. This kind of relationship is rare and I’m so thankful to have found someone as gentle and inspirational as Annie. Her energy in front of the camera is so beautiful. She is calm and genuine, and holds herself in the space unlike anyone else I’ve ever worked with. This vibe is exactly what she brings to her coaching - she is present and listens, holding space for her clients to explore their thoughts and questions. If you need a life coach or a business coach, she’s your gal because she has helped me find so much clarity in who I am and who I want to be.

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She requested this incredible location at Golden Gate Park - it’s one of her favorites to meet with her coaching clients. I love photographing lifestyle portrait sessions at spots that are important to my clients because it brings them comfort to be in a favorite spot, and it emphasizes something unique about their business. Annie is drawn to nature and the calm that it provides, so obviously being amongst the waterfalls and the woods was perfect. The peace that Golden Gate Park provides within the bustling city of San Francisco is very similar to the energy that Annie provides in her coaching. Take a deep breath, slow down, and listen to your surroundings. When you’re with Annie, everything is going to be ok. And when you’re in front of the camera with me, don’t worry: I got you. You look great.

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Interested in a lifestyle portrait session in the san Francisco bay area?
I offer a variety of pricing that includes small sessions for quick portrait updates, and larger sessions for local adventures and full business documentation for social media updates.
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You can find Annie posting inspiration on her Instagram and you can contact her through her website.