After years of performing in the theatre, I have learned that putting yourself in a position to be seen is courageous, trusting, and a little insane.  And now it's my job to capture you: you crazy, delightful thing, because I know you feel that you deserve to be seen.  Your life yearns to be documented.  Your face is gorgeous when you laugh.  Your children are unique and cherished.

Every moment, no matter how simple, is worth capturing.
Let's hang out.  You know you deserve it.


I started photographing at 14 when I took a trip to New Zealand and was enthralled by the beauty of the magnificent scenery.  I continued my interest by taking darkroom photography classes during high school.  My weird love of the scent of darkroom chemicals and the scientific magic of film developing got me hooked on the art form.  Over time my passion grew into photographing anything I found beautiful: be it the wrinkles on my grandfather's skin, a strong and elegant dancer, or a small dead bird on the side of the road.  In 2013, after studying the art form in darkrooms for seven years, I was awarded the Ralph Talbert Photography Scholarship for my accomplishments with photographing with a 4x5 camera and darkroom printing on fiber paper.  In college I mastered working in both digital and film mediums, as well as creating bodies of work that focused on consistent themes and storytelling.

In May of 2014, I earned my BA in Photography from Sacramento State University, and was chosen as the Honor Student for the Department of Design. I now run my business in the San Francisco Bay Area and specialize in capturing the vast range of human emotions at weddings, in family sessions, and portraits.

If I'm working from home I refuse to wear pants unless it's cold and then I wear my footie pajama pants.  My favorite dessert is pie and I always say hello to a dog I see on the street.  I take my coffee the color of a brown paper bag and with more sugar than you think would be necessary.



Check out some of my personal work that keeps my soul happy.

My brand portraits were photographed by Cheers Babe Photo and Kreate Photography!