hey I’m molly kate!

I am a San Francisco Bay Area photographer.
I specialize in weddings, family portraits, lifestyle portraits, and studio headshots.




After years of performing in the theatre, I understand that putting yourself in a position to be seen is courageous, trusting, and a little insane. 
But don’t worry! It's my job to be your personal cheerleader, to hold you up, and to capture you: you amazing, delightful thing, because I know you feel that you deserve to be seen.

And yeah, I love your face. Duh.


  • My first photography inspiration was Viggo Mortensen’s SignLanguage.

  • My day is always made better if I see a dog.

  • I have a BA in Photography from Sacramento State, where I also studied alternate processing and film photography.

  • I’ve studied clowning for almost a decade and graduated from San Francisco’s Clown Conservatory in 2017. I’m pretty serious about funny business.

  • When I’m editing pictures, I’m probably listening to my favorite podcasts: My Brother My Brother And Me, The Adventure Zone, or My Favorite Murder.

  • I am not ashamed that I will 100% lose my shit and dance my heart out if you play Ke$ha’s “Timber” at your wedding.

  • I’ve watched the entirety of The Office (US version, please and thank you) at least ten times.

  • I can’t answer the question “cake or pie?” because I think life is too short to choose one dessert. For the record, though, it’s carrot cake (cream cheese frosting - don’t even try to do anything else) and a thick-sliced apple pie.

  • I’m married to a handsome ginger who makes me laugh all the freakin’ time.



Ready to turn your life into art?


I post my favorites on Instagram!

Variety of portraits photographed by me,
Portraits to the People, and Jordan Katz Media.