family (fam(ə)lē): people in your life who are
close to your heart.

Photography tells us everything we need to know about a life within a frame. And with each new iteration of high-tech camera on the latest cell phone, the ability to capture moments can certainly be a daily occurrence. But a chance to have everyone in front of the lens? While still being the family you all are, without the forced 'Sears Family Christmas Card' pose worthy of an Awkward Family Photos tumblr entry? That's special.

Family sessions with me are about the YOU that you all are.
As a family and as individuals, and how together you make your own special spice blend of love.
The messy bits and the lovely bits and everything in between.
That is family. And I want to make sure it's recorded for generations to come.

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Ready to have the most unique and genuine family pictures?