I already love your face.

It's become cliché for a reason: your face is your calling card. Whether on stage or in film, it all starts with casting and that classic 8x10 of your face. Over and over again I hear people tell me that they go into an audition, and it goes well, but their headshot doesn't look like THEM, and they leave wondering if they'll be remembered.  That other headshot is the fancy, theatrical, character version of them, not who they are when they walk in the room.

I'm here to photograph YOU, the capable and talented ACTOR. 

headshots 1.jpg
headshots 5.jpg
headshots 4.jpg
headshots 6.jpg
headshots 7.jpg
headshots 2.jpg
headshots 9.jpg
headshots 3.jpg
headshots 8.jpg
headshots 11.jpg

Let's explore how you stand out from the crowd.